We accompany entrepreneurs on their way to visibility and predictable new customers, through branding & marketing strategies.

We are your partners when it comes to making your company and your ideas visible. Let us help you bring your expertise and philosophy to life for your target customers using individual strategies. We combine your expertise with our know-how from more than 15 years of experience in marketing, web design and film production. Together with you, we will take the path to visibility.
A brand is not something you have.
A brand is something you become.
You achieve your goals with partners who understand you, who think for you and who have already walked your path themselves. For us as a digital agency, building a brand is a matter of the heart. At heart, we are founders, visionaries, mentors and explorers who will accompany you on your journey to visibility. We recommend ways, strategies and approaches that we have already tried and tested ourselves. For us, building a brand is more than just an achievement. Building a brand describes the path to becoming a brand yourself and being able to see it through the eyes of your target customers. As a team, we constantly put all the ideas, strategies and approaches that we provide to our customers to the test. We continuously optimize, train and measure the effectiveness of our work for you. The core of our work consists of understanding our clients, transforming ideas into strategies and implementing them using proven techniques. Another business area has become our brand hub. Here we develop innovative ways for personal brands to make themselves more visible and combine state-of-the-art technology with personality.
An excerpt from our clientele
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Personal branding agency
Your sparring partners & brand ambassadors

Many of our conversations start with similar words: "I used to have a service provider ...". In order to fulfill our vision - to be their constant digital partners and brand ambassadors - we need trust, understanding and communication as the basis for a sustainable collaboration. Working with our customers is more than just a job that finishes at 6 pm every day. Our team works digitally and flexibly in terms of time, which allows us to achieve the greatest possible output of creativity and motivation.

To ensure that our customers benefit from this creativity and motivation, we sometimes invest extra time to train or coach our customers or to develop new approaches together in a workshop. Joint planning gives us a deeper understanding of your wishes and our services. As a result, we minimize correction loops and long implementation phases, enabling you to implement your wishes and achieve your goals more quickly. Our training saves you high maintenance costs.

Advertising film, image film &
Media production

Since the early 1980s, digital media have increasingly conquered the broad advertising market. Advertising films, image films and music play a decisive role in this. By using the moving image in combination with music, your advertising reaches an emotional climax with the viewer. A large part of our team has a background in film and audio production, so we use these media as the basis for many of our marketing strategies. In this way, we make the emotions visible to viewers.

An excerpt from customer testimonials
Andreas Tissen
Andreas Tissen
Success coach
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Oliver Albrecht and his team fascinate with their impressive personality from the very first second. Pure diversity paired with emotions and a strong foundation of know-how - that's the Digital Mind Agency for me.
Lauri cult
Lauri cult
Implementation expert
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The Digital Mind Agency was like a load of nitro for the brand! The instant visibility help and implementation of my wishes fulfilled everything I need as an entrepreneur. Little effort, lots of return!
Viola Wünning
Viola Wünning
Business Mentoring
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The Digital Mind Agency's performance is clear, professional and confident! The energy that comes from the Digital Mind Agency team is immediately appealing. Energy & knowledge and power in consulting speak for Oliver Albrecht's agency.

The more digital the world becomes, the more it becomes clear that people want to buy from people. Despite digital tools, the desire for trust, advice and a mission statement remains unchallenged. We see web design as the interface between your target customers and your brand. This requires an appealing design and understandable usability. Our team's many years of experience range from the individual development of a web presence for medium-sized companies to online store solutions for brands operating throughout Europe and the establishment of personal brands. Let us design your website in an appealing, user-friendly and modern way so that your team will be able to maintain your new website easily, intuitively and without extensive programming knowledge in the future.

What customers say about us
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Training & Workshops
for Media & Marketing

We have seen the future in digital media for many years and know from our own experience that it is a difficult task to stay on the ball. The technology around us is constantly growing and trends are changing at a rapid pace. In our workshops on media and marketing, we show you the first steps for getting started with hybrid event formats, social media marketing and corporate brand development. Our workshops are individually tailored to you in order to convey new topics to you and your employees in an entertaining way.
3 reasons for trainings & workshops

We give your employees a direct insight into the new marketing techniques, allowing them to discover them using practical examples. At the same time, our workshops give them the skills to easily integrate these new techniques and technologies into their day-to-day work.


With workshops and training courses individually tailored to your company, you give your employees more than just a course. We will introduce your team to new technology, working methods and knowledge in an entertaining way so that the knowledge gained is absorbed and implemented more efficiently.


The field of marketing is developing rapidly. That's why it's important for us to practice using new experiences and techniques in training courses and workshops. This makes your employees confident and self-assured in the use of new technologies and methods in their company.

Brand photography &
Real-Estate Shooting

The best brand is only worth something if others can see it too. Our photography experts create impressive images of your brand for you. We capture a smile, a look and the message of your brand. We photographically stage your live event, stage personal brands and give your real estate an emotion with images. Our aim for your new photos is to capture emotions as an incomparable moment that your customers will also relive through the image.

Customer projects & references

Our customers are as diverse and unusual as their ideas and wishes. To give you a first impression of our services, we have published a selection of our projects here. We would be happy to show you further inspirations and projects in a personal meeting, please take advantage of our free initial consultation.

Landing page for new customer acquisition
SWISS Speaker Academy by Simon Hofer

Speaker and coach Simon Hofer has achieved extraordinary audience figures with his talks at Greator, which is partly due to his impressive way of speaking. The idea of founding a Speaker Academy in Switzerland arose from numerous feedbacks, as there has been little support for speakers in Switzerland to date.

Simon Hofer developed a network of experts to build up this academy. A landing page is needed to bring the expertise behind the Academy and experts closer to interested parties. Simon Hofer wanted to create an extraordinary landing page. The aim of the landing page is to generate leads and convey information via videos, convey the signature of Switzerland and welcome users with a video.

Online store, product launch & branding
Smartway-Berlin - The Hoverboard

The e-mobility sector has experienced an enormous boost since 2016, with mobile solutions for private customers in particular becoming increasingly popular. The Berlin-based company EveMotion GmbH approached us with the desire to launch a product on the German market. The aim was to establish the Smartway brand and the associated hoverboard product on the German market.

To build up the brand, we set up our own online store for further marketing measures. In order to answer users' important questions, a customer service was integrated via a chat platform, resulting in a 38 % increase in sales. By using schema markups, SEO and a clear customer approach, Smartway established itself as a market-leading trend product in German-speaking countries within 6 months. Through targeted advertising campaigns on social platforms, the brand achieved a significant increase in post-sales of accessories.

Grief Coach Academy

Lecturer and coach Thomas Sommerer has been supporting his clients as "Der TrauerCoach" for many years and wanted to reach more people digitally. The aim was to create an appealing and hopeful website that would provide interested parties with more information on the topic of "healthy grieving".

An interactive online platform with a member area was developed to make the lectures, online courses and videos easily accessible to customers. The entire funnel, email marketing and sales for TrauerCoach were designed and implemented to ensure that all content also reaches customers by email. In order to reach more people on social networks, additional social media content clips were created, which can also be accessed via YouTube and thus accompany viewers.


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Image trailer for Villa Peace in Cyprus
Villa Peace "Peyia - Cyprus"

Villa Peace on Cyprus was our client's dream, as the villa boasts its own pool, enough space for a tennis court and a paddock and hundreds of square meters of living space. The impressive view of the sea off Cyprus and the tranquillity surrounding the property make Villa Peace a domicile for lovers of peace and relaxation.

In order to convey an impression of the villa with a value of 2.2 million euros before the purchase, we requested a 360 tour, as well as over 100 photos and an image film. The aim was to give prospective buyers an emotionally appealing impression of the property even before viewing it.


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Image film & documentation of the NYC Masterclass
Hermann Scherer - NYC Masterclass

Speaker Hermann Scherer is considered the business expert for speakers in German-speaking countries. The collaboration between Hermann Scherer and Oliver Albrecht (Digital Mind Agency) began back in 2018 to turn the analog business model into a digital business. The conception and development of the social channels resulted in various promotional films for the top speaker's programs.

A special highlight for Hermann Scherer was filming his NewYork City Masterclass. The filming of over 200 participants was turned into a TV documentary and an aftermovie. Multiple award-winner and film composer Roman Molino Dunn was engaged for the film music.

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Aftermovie & event accompaniment
Tobias Beck - Masterclass of Personality

Over 1000 people stand outside the Marlene Dietrich Hall at Filmpark Babelsberg on a Sunday for top German speaker Tobias Beck. The Masterclass of Personality is one of the German speaker's most successful programs. To set the scene for this highlight, this aftermovie was filmed over 3 days with a large team. The atmosphere of such an event was successfully used for advertising for more than 2 years.

The aim of this aftermovie was to convey the mood and core message of the Masterclass of Personality to interested parties in order to encourage them to buy tickets. It was placed on social networks and, according to experts, served as a template for other productions.


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360 tour & Google Streetview integration
Hasso von Hugo maskenbildnerschule berlin

Since the movie "The Name of the Rose", the name Hasso von Hugo has been synonymous with make-up artist. Hasso von Hugo then founded his make-up school in Berlin, which is still one of the best private schools for make-up artists, make-up artists and make-up artists today. The premises of the make-up artist school include its own stock, an extensive workshop for VFX and modern workstations for students.

The aim of the virtual tour was to give the students an impression of the school and thus give them a digital insight into the 3-year training course at the make-up artist school. The more than 800 square meter area was therefore digitized and is accessible via Google StreetView.


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Photo shoot, 360 degree tour
Steigenberger Camp de mar

The Steigenberger brand is one of the top hotels in the hotel industry worldwide. Camp de Mar (Mallorca, Spain) is particularly popular with guests thanks to its wide range of activities and luxurious offerings. Thanks to its location directly on the golf course (with an optional view of the 18th hole), it offers golf lovers and their companions a perfect mix of wellness, further education, sport and pure Spanish sunshine.

The virtual 360 tour was created to give guests an impression of the more than 60,000 square meter site and allow them to take a virtual tour of the rooms. A 3D model including a virtual tour of the bars, the wellness area, the rooms and the conference center was created from over 50,000 individual images.


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Advertising trailer, photography, 360 degree tour
Villa Peace - Cyprus

Our customer wanted not only to be able to imagine a new house, but also to walk through it virtually to get an impression. Over 2,500 individual photos were used to create a 3D model with a virtual tour. The aim was to give interested parties the opportunity to walk through the villa using VR glasses and a smartphone. Special attention was paid to showing the light-flooded rooms.

To enable future potential buyers to plan the new facility, the option of measuring the property on a smartphone and computer and viewing it from above in the doll's house view was integrated. In addition, an image film was produced to convey the emotions.

Photo shoot for the personal brand
Diana König - Porto Colom (ES)

An image film was produced in Mallorca to showcase Diana König's personal brand. During the filming with the transformation expert, many hundreds of photos were taken to present the personal brand on websites, landing pages and products. Diana König's brand should convey a feeling of sun, warmth and tranquillity to customers, while also showing that every goal is achievable.

Our client deliberately chose Mallorca for the shoot to show the Mediterranean flair. The locations in Porto Colom, Felantix were chosen during the shooting of the expert's image film to show the work-life balance.

Photo shoot, 360 degree tour
Steigenberger Camp de mar

The Steigenberger Camp de Mar brand stands for luxury, comfort and relaxation. In order to reflect these values of the brand and at the same time create a new flair in the photos, photographic techniques from event photography were used. The focus of the photos is on details and the Mediterranean atmosphere of Camp de Mar. The impressive sunset in Camp de Mar is one of the visual highlights at the Steigenberger.

The room photos in the Steigenberger Camp de Mar were restaged by our event photographers with the uniform color specifications of the Steigenberger headquarters. The aim was to create photos for advertising campaigns and social networks, which have been featured in various campaigns since 2021.

Nicolai Christ - Sales Performance

Speaker and sales performance expert Nicolai Christ has already appeared on stage at Greator. In order to impressively convey his experience and expertise, a variety of different motifs were created in a shoot. It was particularly important for Nicolai Christ to convey his attitude in the images, as the sale performance expert has a clear stance on the topic of leadership.

Different locations in Berlin were staged in the shoot and various outfits were used. The mix of outfits and locations made it possible to create photos for social networks, marketing campaigns and press photos. The studio photos are particularly popular in the press.

Initial consultation

In the initial consultation phase, you immerse yourself in your company with us for 30-45 minutes. We will talk about your wishes and challenges and discover initial solutions for you. We discuss possible measures and strategies to get closer to your goals. If desired, we will provide you with initial ideas for implementation.


You will receive an individual offer from us for the implementation of the service. If desired, we will include additional recommendations such as maintenance and feedback loops. In a joint meeting, we will discuss any potential questions that may arise and discuss the budgeting and possible financing of the project.


Based on your wishes and challenges, we start with the conception and plan the implementation with you. In order to achieve realistic planning, we set timeframes for implementation and plan relevant factors such as visitor flows, TV appearances and advertising measures. Based on the concrete planning, we finalize our offer including the range of services.


Once the quote has been approved, our team will begin with the implementation of the service, which, depending on the order, can be carried out together with you - film projects - or without your involvement - web design projects. In our web design projects, we create your project with placeholder texts for the subsequent fine-tuning.

Fine tuning

You will receive the created data from us to check and approve for film projects and to agree which of the text modules, images & elements should be created for web design projects. In order to ensure flawless and high quality for you, you can optionally submit any anomalies and defects to us in the following correction loop.


You will receive the final data for review and approval before going live. We check the functionality and impact together and discuss the live launch or publication. In this phase, we also check together whether sufficient data is transferred to analysis services such as GA Analytics or Facebook Pixel.


The date for publication of the services is planned and the corresponding marketing and advertising measures are prepared for the day of publication. On the day of publication, the services are transferred to you, the media is uploaded as a backup and the analysis data is checked again on publication.


After publication, we will respond to your questions in a feedback session and, if you wish, we will provide instruction on the web systems or marketing concepts for implementation by your team. We take the opportunity to receive your feedback on the collaboration, which enables us to constantly improve our internal processes.


We recommend regular updates to ensure that your new website and marketing concepts continue to meet current standards in the future. Web projects in particular are dependent on regular maintenance to protect users from security vulnerabilities and to comply with legal parameters in connection with the respective data protection guidelines.


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We never pass on your data to third parties. You can delete your e-mail address from our system at any time with just one click. Before you register, please read these important Information on data protection.
Oliver Albrecht - CEO stands for competent advice in brand development
Frequently asked questions
Who are our services for?

The focus of our services is designed for medium-sized companies, personal brands and start-ups. We also support small and family businesses that are in the process of implementing their marketing, web design or film concepts. Our online and offline workshops are mainly designed for speaker and personal brands.

What services do we offer?

The spectrum of our agency includes consulting, conception and implementation for our customers. Our core competencies are web design, film productions (advertising films & image trailers), photo shoots and the development of concepts and marketing measures to make brands more visible online and offline.

Which clients do we serve?

Our clientele also includes personal brands (including Denys Scharnweber, Hermann Scherer, Tobias Beck), medium-sized companies (including Smartway, HVH Maskenbildnerschule, Business Factory by Greator) and leading hotel brands (including Steigenberger, RIMC, The George). We also support brands and founders.

Do we offer internships?

We love to pass on our knowledge and practical experience. That's why we offer voluntary internships. You have the opportunity to get a taste of everyday life at our agency for between 4 weeks and 3 months. Due to our modern way of working, the internship can also be completed from the home office.

Do we support founders & start-ups?

Our agency stands for creativity, ideas & innovation. This is exactly what founders and start-ups should bring to the table, then the chances are good. We know how difficult the start-up phase is, which is why founders and start-ups can apply to us with their ideas. If we are convinced by the concept, we will support you with our know-how.

What does a consultation with us cost?

An idea needs a sympathetic ear, which is precisely why we have introduced our free initial consultation. In the free initial consultation, we take 30-45 minutes with you to find out more and exchange initial ideas. This initial consultation gives you and us a feel for working together.